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    I received my book only a few days ago and for the first 100 pages i didn’t really know where i was going in the story it wasn’t gripping me and i wasn’t really in the story, maybe that was just to do with me and not the book. But when i reached pages after that i found myself glued to the story and the reb a very inspiring man, i loved how Mitch explained faith and i have lots of I.D with the pastor as my life to was based on using drugs. I am 5 years clean and i too had to learn about faith and God and i have no issues with it today, i love my God and he is everywhere i go. Like the reb. It makes life so much better and enjoyable. The last few chapters in the book Mitch you brought out a lot of emotion in me, i cried and cried but if the truth be told it was about my own stuff, about how my uncle died with cancer and that he had a horrible death but we had read tuesdays with Morrie b4r hand so it helped us talk about his life while he was dying and we were not afraid, reading have a little faith made me miss my uncle, the relationship we had and the wise words he would tell me. Just like reb did with you Mitch. Tuesdays with Morrie and Have a little faith touched my heart and Morrie taught me how to care for uncle without making it about me and have a little faith has taught me thats its ok to miss him. From a grateful member of society.Thank you Mitch


    Recently, my dual credit English class completed Mitch Albom’s most recent book, “Have A Little Faith”. Reflecting on Mitch Albom as a writer, I have no complaints; moreover, his book captures your attention from the beginning and keeps the reader in deep thought to the very end.
    In the book, Mitch Albom does an excellent job exploring deep into his characters morals and personalities than any other book I have ever read; therefore, I feel as if I know the characters Reb and Henry personally. No matter if the Reb knew your first name or not, he seems to be a kind enough person that you could take anything to him for his help. Reb also has the answers for everything, which I highly enjoy and a reader should never get uninterested when listening to his answers.
    The question that has plagued me throughout the whole book is, “Will you do my eulogy?” (Pg.1) I never, nor will I ever understand why the Reb chose Mitch to do his eulogy. After assessing that question for a while I thought maybe he chose Mitch due to the fact that he was a talented writer and he has published enjoyable books. I also thought that maybe the Reb saw something special in Mitch and knew that through him and his writing he could continue to assist and inspire more people.
    When reading this book I have found inspiration for not only things that pertain to me, but also things that pertain to many others aspects of life; for example: life as it is, marriage, and religion. When the Reb’s wife states, “We have had 30 wonderful years together,” that was the marital inspiration that stuck out to me (Pg.143). In the fast speed of life a person only gets a few minutes here and a few minutes there. I also greatly enjoyed the comment made on page 111, “We have a home, just not a house to put it in.” It never seems to amaze me how people in the lowest point of their lives use their faith to push forward and continue to see the brighter side of life and inspire others.
    As a reader I find it hard to pick only certain points from this book, due to the fact that is so packed with wonderful facts and heartwarming stories. This book is full of people receiving second chances and they give 100% of the credit to God, for being a merciful God. For instance, on pages 150 and 151 when Henry and his wife had just become clean; however, there was one piece of evidence left. This evidence contained one red note book with bible verses and one with drug deals. The cop grabbed the one with bible verses and they were left alone.
    Reading this book greatly caused me to question many aspects of my life and gave me great insight spiritually. I am going to close with my favorite part which can also be found near the end of the book. On page 234 where Mitch ask the Reb how he became the Reb. The Reb gave him a list of reasons, but didn’t mention God. Mitch questioned him on why he didn’t mention him, and he replied, “God became before number one.”


    I have thoroughly enjoyed “Have a Little Faith”, and wanted to give my answer to a passage subtitled “The Second Death” found on page 127. The passage reads as follows: “The unvisited in nursing homes. The homeless found frozen in alleys. Who mouned their passing? who marked their time on earth?” My answer, Mr. Albom, regarding the unvisited in nursing homes is ME. I am a Certified Nursing Assistant at a Nursing Home here in Arkansas on the night shift (11pm-7am). I am one of the many who do what we can to bring at least a glimmer of cheer, a smile, a loving touch to those who are, or feel that they are, alone. Although it is not the job for all, I feel that it is MY calling…MY area of ministry…MY way that I can give back, in some small way, to my community.

    Your book has been heartwarming and comforting to me. I appreciate your work.

    blankBill Klein

    I was loaned this book by one of my staff.
    I couldn’t put this book down. It is the first book that I devoured so rapidly, in my life. Next to the Bible, I cannot think of a book that has touched and moved me more than this — my eyes were tearing through many parts of the book, and by the end I was actually crying.
    Mitch has an exquisite way with words, and in very simple prose, short chapters, and very skillful writing, he has kept Reb Lewis’ life alive, and exposed his character and personality magnificently. But, for me, what is really clear is that he provides the keys to learning how to emulate the Reb. And he certainly WAS a man to try to imitate. By the end of the book, I felt like I personally knew the Reb, and could identify with him. I will recommend this book to everyone I know.


    My son debated whether or not to purchase the last copy of Have A Little Faith from the bookstore shelf for me for Christmas.. With a little prodding from his fiancee, he decided to go ahead and get it. I had asked for the book but had not had time to read it, as my time was taken with caring for my husband who was fighting a battle with cancer. In March when he was moved from the hospital to hospice, this book was the last thing I placed in my bag to take with me. I was not leaving his side. He was there for 8 days. The children and I had told him it was OK to let go but he just kept hanging on. The nurse said he was afraid to leave me, he always worried about who would take care of me when he was gone. As we prayed together, he prayed for God to take care of me, and for us not to forget about him when he was gone. I was reading Have A Little Faith and got to the conversation about the things people fear most about death. I read the part “they fear they will be forgotten”. I instantly closed the book and took him by the hand, kissed him, told him that I loved him with all my heart. Then I promised him I would never let him be forgotten. Then he drew his last breath and was at last free from the pain that had wracked his body for so long. I had to go through the pain of losing him in order for him to be free of pain. I never lost my faith throughout the whole ordeal, painful though it was. I don’t understand how people can NOT have faith going through something like that. I usually share my books after I read them, but I highlighted that page and conversation, and that book will remain with me forever. I do recommend it to everyone I talk with. I know God meant for me to have it with me, in that place, at that time, for a reason-so I would know the right thing to say to him at the right time. Thank you Mitch for all of your books, but especially this one.


    Just recently i have read Mitch Albom’s book ‘Have a Little Faith’ in my english class. I was sort of skeptical of the book at first, due to it being a non fiction book. But since we were required to read it, i read it, thus i gave it a chance, and to my surprise i liked it. This novel was a real eye opener about the different faiths and how we should respect them, just like The Reb had said. The book had a lot of touchy subjects that were brought up and talked about in the various chapters of the book itself. One of these subjects was a question asked by Mitch himself, “Can bad people change to become good people?” (pg. 197) Then The Reb replied, “Yes they can, in both directions.” (pg 197) When Mitch asked this he was thinking about Pastor Henry Covington and how he went from being a drug dealer/addict to a man to God. To me i believe what The Reb had said was true that a bad person can change to a good person and vice versa. I mean my pastor used to be a drunk degenerate until he had found God 35 years ago. He is a prime example of how people can change from being a bad person into a good person. People in general are unpredictable and you don’t know how they’ll act and if they’ll ever change, whether they be a good person or a bad person.
    Another major instance was when Mitch had asked the Reb, “What is key to Happiness?” (pg. 102) The Reb then replied, “Be satisfied, be greatful for what you have, for the love you recieve, and for what God has given You.” (pg. 102) What The Reb had said to Mitch was the truth, in my opinion and really opened my eyes, and hopefully for anyone who reads this book, to life itself. By this i mean if we’re happy with what we got and having funny then that is true happiness. Thank You Mitch and anyone who reads this….

    blankPaul T

    Have a little faith i have heard it before from friends and family members. It meant trust me believe in me, but I just read a book called Have a little faith. I need to tell you it made me think about my faith, well it made me think about my life in general. When I first got this book it was from my english teacher, at first I was like ugh another reading assignment. I myself am not a reading person I don’t like to read novels if I start unless I have to I never finish a novel, but this one was different. This book made me think about my life how i take it and want to live it. In your book you and Reb talked about”Happiness” (102). You asked the Reb what the key to happiness . The Reb answered by saying “Be satisfied,be greatful for what you have for the love you receive and for what God has given you.” (102).
    Now I have never really thought about how to obtain happiness. It never really crossed my mind but when I read that section of the novel it made me think. It made me think about were i was at in my life how I’m living my life if i was doing what made me happy. Being with the people I want to be with, or even being with the right girl. So as I was thinking about it I found out that I was satisfied with my life I’m happy with the girl I’m with, but i never thought about my life i always took it for granted. So i actually would like to think you Micth Albom because before this book I was careless taking everything I had for granted wanting something better. After reading your book I found out that I am satisfied and I have a wonderful life oh also you are a talented writer and I have to say I am excited about reading more of your novels.

    blankKyle Hogue

    I never really have posted on a site like this before, especially just to comment on a book. “Have a Little Faith”, however, deserves all this attention and more. It is one of the most inspirational stories that I have ever read, and it has made me rethink some of my own views and stances on several different subjects. It makes you feel foolish for caring about such trivial things in life. One of the things that Albert says really made me think alot.
    It was on page 143 when he was talking about what love really is. I believe it says that his wife asked him if he really did love her. His response was something I will never forget. He replied with a question somewhere along the lines of “How could you ever doubt my love after all that we have been through, all that we have done, the memories we’ve shared?” This really touched me. It made me realize that love isn’t about how much money someone spends on a gift for you, the things that they will or won’t do for you, or even about the love struck puppy you were over your first real girlfriend. Love is about the special moments that you share together. The memories you share together and the times you will never forget strengthen a relationship more than anything you could ever buy or do for someone.
    In the book, Albert was lucky enough to find an amazing relationship with his wife. Another little thing that stands out to me that was on the next page are the words he uses to describe their relationship. Albert and his wife’s companionship is strengthened so much more by their SELFLESSNESS and COOPERATION. Everyone gets aggravated every now and then, and people are going to bug you no matter how hard they try not to. Real love perseveres through these tough times because you put someone else’s feelings above your own. When two people are willing to do this for each other, and they learn to cooperate in a way that builds a healthy, long-lasting relationship, something truly rare and amazing has been created and can never be destroyed.

    Thank you Albert, for your great insights and wisdom
    Thank you Mitch, for sharing his inspiration with the world


    My english class has recently read your book Have A Little Faith. One thing in your book that really caught my attention was when you and the Reb were talking about happiness. “So have we solved the secrect of happiness?.. Be satisfied… That’s it?… Be graceful… That’s it?…(p. 102).” I believe in this quote so much because a lot of people think, only if I had money or only if I had a new car; I would be so happy. But I have came to realize that the only thing that will make you happy is being postive about things and being thankful for things. So this quote really speaks to me. I also have to say that I love how the Reb looks at everything in a postive way. For instance when the doctor gave him medication that made him that way and then later realized that the medication was what was wrong with him and all he had to say was that the doctor was just trying to do his job. If that happened to me I couldn’t look in a postive way and the Reb really inspires me to think postive about things because im sure the doctor was trying to do his job. I also really love when you and the Reb talks about a lasting marriage and the Reb states, “I think people expect too much from marriage today… They expect perfection… That’s TV’s or movies… not the human experience…(p.144).” This statement is so true because most people expect when they get married not to ever fight or argue and everything to be so perfect. Another thing that caught my eye was when the Reb and that guy were talking and that guy says “I loved her.. I mean I really loved her… I almost told her once…(p.212).” The reb says afterwards “Nothing haunts like things we don’t say…(p.212).” This statement is very powerful, it makes me want to call all my family up and just tell them I love them. This book is very inspiring and has made me looked at things in a certain way.. Sincerely Bridget Dempsey


    My English class recently completed the book “Have a Little Faith.” I absolutely LOVED this book! Mitch, you were so blessed to have the chance to know someone like The Reb. I wish I had someone like him to talk to and guide me through the many problems life throws our way. The Reb gave so many different outlooks on faith and religion which really made me wonder about a lot. It would have been wonderful to attend a service at the synagogue when The Reb spoke. There was so much about this book that I enjoyed, but one of my favorite quotes reads, “Nothing haunts like the things we don’t say.” (212). I can relate because I can count a lot of times I’ve held back feelings. When it’s too late, I realize I should have said something, and maybe if I would have, the outcome would be different. Instead, I bit my tongue and now I constantly think about some of the things I didn’t say. I also loved how Mitch switched back and forth between Henry’s journey to finding God and his own meetings with another man of God. I feel like if I had a positive outlook on things like The Reb did, I would be a much better person. I loved what Henry did for his community and how he put others before himself. You can’t find many people like that. I also admired the dedication to the church that Henry and the members possessed. The relationship between Albert and his wife was so loving and sweet. I really liked when The Reb was talking about how everyone expects love to be so perfect. In reality though, it’s not perfect all day, every day. His wife tells the truth when she says you have a few good minutes here and a few bad minutes there. “Have a Little Faith” was a very heart-warming and inspiring story. It made me laugh, cry, and really think about a lot of things. I could definitely read it time and time again. I would strongly recommend this book to everyone, whether you believe or not.


    My english class has just got finished reading Mitch Alboms book “Have a Little Faith”. It is an amazing book he portrays his charecters very well in his book you feel as if you know them. The reb’s take on faith is astonishing and inspiring. He has a great take on things he doesnt judge people and we would all be doing well as he told Mitch how do we know which religion is right they all belive in higher power. Henry shows faith but in a different way he has faith that people can change he takes everyone in and turns no one down. I have a lot of respect for Henry he doesn’t lie about his past he tells the truth no matter how bad it may be. He has faith that everything happens for a reason and something good will finally come of it. One of the quotes that left and impression on me was “he gave us a thing called free will and i think god watches everyday lovingly praying we make the right choices(198).” It got me thinking and he is right we make our own choices he doesn’t want us to do bad. Another good quote that left a imprint on me in the book was when he was talking about him being angry at god for his daughters death. “Because even in doing so I was recognizing there was greater powers than me (181).” That was amazing that he looks at everything in a positive way.This book changed my way of thinking it did wonders on my take on religion and faith. I would recommend that everyone read this book it is great.


    Usually books assigned in an English class are the ones that no one else reads. (Except other English classes). When “Have A Little Faith” was handed to me, I expected another book that would follow suit. My new saying is “don’t judge a book just because it was given to you in your English class”. I have to say this is by far the most amazing book I have ever picked up in my entire life. I never imagined that I would say a book single handedly changed my whole perspective on life. This one did. What Mitch presents to us in this book is things a lot of people can relate to in a sense. There were times that I would have to stop reading and make sure I wasn’t going through a revised version of my life. I would have to say the Reb’s ways and words had the greatest impact on me. It was simply amazing how with every question he had an answer, with everything bad, he kept singing and going about his way. Everything the Reb said could have been some of the simplest things, yet they had so much meaning and power. Another great aspect of the book I really enjoyed was the parts were it seemed Mitch just stepped aside from story to ask a question, or simply make a statement. An example of this comes from page 193. “Did you ever hear a sermon that felt as if it were being screamed into your ear alone? When that happens, it usually has more to do with you than the preacher.” It seems throughout this book; Mitch gradually digs deeper and deeper right into your heart, emotionally bonding you to his life. “Have A Little Faith” is a book everyone should read. I hope that we can all spread the word about this amazing book, so that everyone can be touched by it.

    blankLarry W

    Have a Little Faith is one of the most amazing books I have ever read. It fills you with all kinds of different emotions and seems like such a person as the Albert Lewis or Henry Covington couldn’t possibly be real. I had to ever so often take a step back and say, “This is not fiction; these are real people.” At first I didn’t think I could possibly be interested in this book, thinking it would be a bland religion based book I wasn’t very excited about having to read it. It didn’t take long for me to turn completely around. The way Mitch writes it makes you feel like you are right there in the Reb’s office or in the freezing church with Henry. And all along the way you see that the Reb is shaping, helping, teaching Mitch. He turned a short question into one of the greatest lessons Mitch had ever learned, “Will you do my eulogy?”(1). Taking him on an eight year long journey to return him to his faith and teach him about the deeper meanings of the world. Mitch then allowed us to share in his journey. You can’t help but take a vast amount of lessons away from this book. Between the deep meanings behind the Reb’s answers to the simplest of questions, the story of Cass and the help he was given by a complete strange, and the blunt irrational teachings of Henry you get sucked into an amazing story. It’s a story of two completely different men that can still share a common view of the world. They both can see good in people underneath all the bad, and accept the people around them as they are. They don’t force beliefs on others they only try to help those in need, and if they want guidance in religion than that’s just a plus. We should all try to live our lives a little more like Albert and Henry helping those in need.


    My dual credit english class has just finished reading Mitch Albom’s book, “Have a Little Faith”. This was absolutely one of the greatest books I have ever read. It opens your eyes to so many things that a person normally don’t pay attention to. My favoritest person in the book is Albert Lewis or The Reb. He is such an inspiration. He is so selfless and open minded. For instance, when The Reb talks about different religions co-existing. He explains to Mitch the reason why there are so many different religions. The Reb said, “Would you want the world to all look alike? No. The genius of life is its variety”(160). This is so true. Its amazing how The Reb looks at it this way. Not to mention The Rebs attitude. he rarely gets angry at anyone and he is so forgiving. When he finds out that it was the doctor’s fault for him getting more ill than what he was, Albert just says that they were just doing their jobs. The world definitely needs a few more Albert Lewis’. I also have a lot of respect for Henry Covington. I think his story is amazing. For him to have gone through what he did then turn his life around the way he did, he is a good man. I especially like how Henry doesn’t deny his past. He even uses himself as an example in his sermons. Also, I love how good Henry is to the people. No matter what they’ve done or what they are doinghe treats them all the same. He is a very caring, compasionate man. The senserity of both The Reb and Henry is truely an inspiration. Have a Little Faith is the kind of book that makes you reflect and think about what kind of person you are. Personally, it made me want to be a better person. I can’t wait to read more of Mitch’s books.


    Recently in my Dual Credit English class, we finished reading Mitch Alboms’ latest novel, “Have A Little Faith.” This book is one of the GREATEST books I have ever read. When my teacher was telling us that this book was awesome and that we were going to love it, I had a hard time believing her because every other book we have read, has been boring and a real struggle to get through. Although, “Have A Little Faith” was not. I read this complete book with no problem, and for once in class, I felt like I actually knew what was going on. I don’t usually like to read a book unless it catches my attention in at least the first few chapters, but this book caught my attention on the very first page with the one question, “Will you do my eulogy?” Who wouldn’t want to read this book and find out what actually happens and why this man was chosen to do such a great deed, as give a eulogy for a man he usually runs from. This book took me through a winding journey as I read the stories of two completely different men, they came from different past times, different towns, but they had the same goals in life. “When you come to an end, thats where God begins,” (79). is one of my favorite quotes in the book because I find a lot of truth in this saying, most people give up when they hit the bottom or believe that things couldn’t get any worse, but thats what God wants you to think so that he can step in and take action. I also loved the quote on page 115, “God doesn’t punish anyone out of the blue, He know what he is doing.” This just proves to me that God does have a plan for everyone and that no matter what you are going through, it happens for a reason. You may hear people say, why me… or what did I do to deserve this? But its not about what you did, its about what God is doing for you, everything he does, he has a plan for it, and there is always a reason behind it. I love the Reb’s view point in life, he is dying and he knows it, but he still goes on as if nothing is happening, helping others, because he knows that there is someone else out there that has it worse than he does. I also look at how Henry has had the life he has, how terrible he used to be, and how he could be so much richer in his old life, but instead he chooses to live for the Lord, and help the people. When the little girl makes the statement “But we do have a home… we just don’t have a house to put it in,” (111). This reminds me of the things that Henry does for the people in the community. Some of the people may think that Henry’s church is their home, they just don’t initially have a house, its amazing how such little things that you do can make such a difference to people. I love the story line of this book and how it shows that you can turn your life around no matter how bad it is, and that the Lord will be there for you no matter what your past is like. I have gained respect for Albert Lewis and Henry Covington both while reading this novel. I honestly think that this novel has made a great impact on me and the way that I take things. I plan to read the rest of Mitch’s books, as soon as I can. So if you are looking for a great book to read, and need some lifting up, try out “Have A Little Faith.” But remember; no matter what you are going through, there is always someone who has it worse.

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