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    Have a little faith is a outstanding book. I really never got into reading or anything expecially after having to read A Tale of Two Cities. But recently my English 101 class was assigned to read the book Have a little faith. When i first got it i keep it in my purse for a couple of days without even looking at it, and then Mrs. McHargue my teacher assisigned a reading assisgnment so i figured i should start reading. Not only did i fall in love with this book but it honestly taught me so much in life. As in my faith, and not knowing what’s going to happen in your life. There was soo many parts in the book that seemed to stick out to me, and just seemed to send a message. My favorite part in the whole book would have to be on the chapter of a Good Marriage. The reb is so loveable and sweet to his wife and the words he saying has so much truthful meaning behind them. (page.145) “Because the word ‘commitment’ has lost its meaning. I’m old enough to remember when it used to be a positive. A committed person was someone to be admired. He was loyal and steady. Now a commitment is something you avoid. You don’t want to tie yourself down.” && one more favorite quote that i love is “A happiness you cannot find alone.” Everything he seems to say in this book is a great word of wisdom and advise. I admire him for writting this book, not just for the joy of reading it but also for the joy of learning there experiences and getting words of advise. I cannot wait to read Tuesday with Morie. Thank you Ms. McHargue for assisigning us this book, i can say i truely enjoyed it.


    i just finished reading the novel.. i cried a lot.. it made me realized a lot of things.. like.. through our faith, things that we thought which are impossible becomes possible..ü Reb’s life and Pastor Henry’s are worth mentioning. They will serve us inspiration to many people who are losing their faith..
    Mr. Mitch, you’re really an amazing writer. I really admire you. I hope that someday.. I’ll become like you. All the novel which you have written moved me.. God bless you. thanks for serving as an inspiration to many people..


    For the past few weeks my English 101 class has been reading “Have a Little Faith”. Right before this we read “Tuesdays With Morrie” which is also by Mitch Albom. I thought there was not a way possible that this book would be better than “Tuesdays With Morrie”, but then I was proven wrong. This book touched me, inspired me, and made me think about life in so many ways. From Henry Covington having to battle through poverty to achieve personal greatness later in his life to Albert Lewis going right back to seminary school where he was once rejected. The little mini stories of these two amazing men are what makes this book so great to me. My favorite story of the book is when Henry tells God that if he saves him-when he is hiding behind the garbage cans from the drug dealers he had just stole from- that he can have him in the morning. Also another part that I enjoyed is when Albert talks to Mitch about what faith really is after Mitch wonders if Albert still thinks ritual is important even in his last days. Albert says, “Mitch, faith is about doing. You are how you act, not just how you believe” (44). This meant a whole lot to me because it made me realize that you have to do more than just believe in something to have faith. You have to show it. You have to do the things that follow that faith. You have to talk about it. You have to live that faith every day to have faith. This book was truly amazing just like “Tuesdays With Morrie” and I actually think I liked it better. At first I wasn’t so sure, but as I got to know the two men more I realized how special this book and the people were. I really enjoyed “Have a Little Faith”.


    Wow! That’s all I could say after reading this book. I had to read it for my Dual Credit English class and I really was expecting it to be a little more dry considering we had just read Tuesdays with Morrie. I couldn’t have been more wrong. This book was amazing! There is one specific quote that I absolutely loved in this book and it was “My grandparents did these things. My parents, too. If I take the pattern and throw it out, what does that say about their lives? Or mine?” (45). I am from deep in Appalachia and tradition is so deeply rooted here. This quote touches me so deeply because it shows how we are all just bits and pieces of our ancestors. This means something incredibly special to me considering I have loved ones who have passed on. Little traditions that they taught me will let them live on through me and other generations.
    There is so much that I could go on and on about with this book. I love getting to know the Reb and learning a little bit about what a man of God goes through more as a person than as this huge holy figure who delivers messages from God. The story of Henry was truly touching, the life he left behind and the faith it had to have taken to keep him where God had placed Him. I have faith in God but I know I wouldn’t have the faith to stay at an old church that was falling apart. This was truly a amazing book and I really enjoyed reading it. It made me reanalyze a few things about my life in several different categories. I really can’t express how good of a book this is. I would recommend it to anyone!


    My senior english class has recently read two of your books. “Have a little faith” and “Tuesdays with Morrie.” Everytime she would assign a book to read, I would always get stressed out because some we’re just hard to understand, like A Tale of Two Cities. Reading wasnt really a hobby of mine. But when I opened up the first page of “Tuesday with Morrie” I fell in love. It actually made me enjoy reading. I loved the way Morrie looked at life even through the situation he was going through. That enspires me to not think so negativity, even if i’m having a bad day, because there is someone out there who has it worse than me. Then it was time to start reading “Have a Little Faith.” I will be honest in saying that I thought nothing could be better than “Tuesdays with Morrie” but “Have a Little Faith” opened up a part of me that I nevered imagined any book would have to ability to do. When I first read “Will you do my eulogy?” (1), I didnt know what I was getting myself into. But as I contunied to read the inspiring book, I began to understand how although Albert Lewis and Henry Covington practiced such different faiths, that they we’re more similar than different. You mention one of the Reb’s sermons “ the same things in life can be good or evil, depending on what, with free will, we do with them. Speech can bless or curse. Money can save or destroy. Science can heal or kill. Even nature can work for you or against you: fire can warm or burn; water can sustain life or flood it away” (198). I never really thought about the two sides of everything. But there is a good and bad side of everything, and the way you look at it determines which side you use. Your book really helped me understand the deeper side of everything! I look forward to reading more of your books!


    Mitch has done it again… masterpiece have read all his books Tuesday with Morrie I have read 26 times and bought 14 copies for friends I think I will buying more copies of this 1 too and reading it again and again…. theses 2 books have inspired me and recharge my life batteries many times well done when is your next book out


    I just read your novel and it hit a note with me. I am not a religious person but I do have faith in a higher power. I thought your choice of references were wonderful and I couldn’t believe how quickly I was able to read your thoughts. Thank you for such an insightful book and I think that you may be rekindling faith for the non believers.

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