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    Mr. Albom,

    My name is Natalia and I read ‘For One More Day’ about a year ago when I saw Oprah promote the book on her show. I absolutely loved your book and it has given a real positive affect on me. This book has made me value life way more than I already had before I read it and I know that without reading ‘For One More Day’, I wouldn’t think so positive about life. I’m very family orientated and to read this book, it’s amazing how close I hold my family to my heart after I read the last few pages of ‘For One More Day’.

    It is a very powerful and inspirational book. I love it.

    I’ve read all your work and just bought your newest book. I think your an amazing writter with so much talent. You’re blessed to touch so many hearts all around the world from many different races who’ve read any book of yours. You are my favourite writer and I look forward to reading many more of your books in future. Don’t ever stop writing!

    I’m studying at University to become a Journalist and you are a true TRUE inspiration. The world needs good writers and I believe your prose is very touching. Thank you Mr. Albom! You’re truely amazing!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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