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    What would you do if you had one more day with a loved one you’ve lost?


    i’ll make the most out of it. i’ll spend my time with my loved one, until my one day is over. i’ll do what i am longing to do to make that person happy and to make myself complete.


    I’d say sorry and would ask for her to forgive me for not appreciating her as much in life as I do now in her death.
    Then I would just embrace her, and smile.


    Chick and I are the lucky ones. “For One More Day” was like looking in a mirror. Thanks to our ten-year-old nephew, my departed husband soothed my soul at his Farewell Party. Just what I needed at the time. Be open to love… wherever. Thanks, Mitch, for encouraging me to get “Later” out there. It’s time. – Janice


    i would want someone to set and listen to my story my son passed in 06 and r bond was so strong and all the evil that was done to me, i didnt even get to be with my son at his fueral did i do anything wrong no i dint i just want to tell u all a true story of a love between a mom and her son, and the hate of alot people for my love and how i had to fight a court system on a ppo which i wasnt present when it was filed in michigan u can put one on ur cat i fought it, and had it terminated. today i still grief my son. i should like to tell u about a family that left me laying on the floor, when all i seen was darkness. my grief is so strong yet life goes on for the ones who did this very long story but true. i would just like to sit and talk with someone for one more day.. let them here my story for i no my son isnt coming home, threw the tears threw the darkness. this is what i would want.. my love for my son always jeannie mazur mom to duane suess.


    My dad died in April of this year. Like Chick’s mom, he died of a heart attack—and I wasn’t able to say goodbye to him for the last time. I have felt a lot of guilt and sorrow, even anger; and just like Chick, at times I’ve felt my life was a big mess and I’ve even wished God would take me too (I’m slowly starting to get past that, I think). I really regret not only the loss of my father, but the lost time we could have had and the issues that were never resolved, not to mention the things that we’ll never get to do together. When I read For One More Day last night, I cried—because I’ve so wished for one more day with my dad.So if I could have that “one more day”, I would want to go someplace nice with Dad, like Hawaii or some place that’s peaceful…where we could have a nice meal together, and spend some really decent time together. Where we could talk about our feelings and straighten out our relationship, and hopefully resolve the problems we had together. Maybe even fix a few things so my life wouldn’t have been so complicated after he left.


    If I could spend one more day with someone from my past, it would be John.
    I met John in Jul. 2007 on the internet. In Aug. we spent a weekend together in the Monongahelia National Forest in the Appalachian Mts. He owned a cabin there. In Sep. we flew to Ft. Lauderdale for a week and in Dec. we went to Orlando. In Nov. we bought a spacious 3-bedroom home and on Christmas Day, we got engaged. This is where the fairy tale ends.
    In Jan. 2008, John got a diagnosis of lung cancer. For the next 8 mos. he was in and out of the hospital and went through radiation and chemotherapy treatments. The last month of his life, his doctors stopped the treatments and hospice came in. From the cancer diagnosis till his last breath, I was by his side 24/7. John died on Aug. 13, 2008, just 2 days after my birthday. We were to be married on Aug. 30.
    I believe John could help me move past his death, the animosity I feel towards his grown daughters who took advantage of him until the bitter end, and several others who ran over top of him with their ill will and general hatefulness. I think he’s show me how to love and not be afraid of a new relationship with a significant other.


    really , i don’t with whom i will spend a whole day.
    but , i want to spend aday with my grandfather who i never met him before, becouse he died beforre i born.


    Of course, given the chance, everyone would want to spend one more day with someone they cared about and lost. For my QHS students in Sec 4 who are studying “One More Day”, please consider the questions: If you could have a do-over of any day that changed your life, how would you change your day, and why? Also, if you could spend the day with anyone who has passed away, who would you spend it with, and what would you do together/ ask them/ etc.Please post your answer to this thread, or send it to “Obeliskitude” as a message.

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