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    One by one, Eddie’s five people illuminate the unseen connections of his earthly life. Who are the five people you would want to meet in heaven?


    1st would be my grandpa. i didnt have the chance to see him and im so longing for his hugs.2nd would be a friend, a long lost friend.3rd, my grade school teacher, who taught me to write, to draw, and even to sing.4th, my brother.5th and the last person i want to meet in heaven is my DAD. maybe in heaven, he will not ignore me, not like in the real world.


    my wife
    a friend I always took for granted and never appreciated
    a person I know that has no one but I have met
    the person who gave me a job when I needed one
    the last person I was with before I died


    1. Mr Joyce my teacher who showed me how 2 love books
    2. My ex husband to ask why did he beat me
    3. Steven Weekes he bought me Tuesday with Morrie introduced me to my favourite author thanks Steven
    4 and 5 At the gates my dearest mother and father who taught me so much dad my love of gardening mum my love of books


    My father – who died when I was ten and whom I didn’t really get to know.
    My mother – who died before my 30th birthday whom barely knew I had children.
    My late and second husband – whose life was wasted on drug addiction.
    My brother-in-law – who was killed in action in Vietnam at the age of 19.
    My maternal grandfather whom I never met and died when my mother was 14.


    Of course, when it comes to heaven, most people finally want to meet people they cared about in life. Those closest to them. Instead, particularly for my Sec 4 Class at QHS: Which five well known figures from any point in history would you like to meet to discuss wisdom? Please make up a short, imaginary conversation between them.Please post your responses below to this link.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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