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* Detroit 22, Chicago 20: Erik Kramer and Joni Mitchell team up for a new duet: “I’ve looked at life from both benches now . . . “

* Kansas City 23, Cleveland 20: If the Browns do win the AFC, couldn’t they be promoted to a better color, like The Yellows?

* Buffalo 20, Green Bay 19: Jim Kelly yelling at Andre Reed on the sideline? Kelly yelling at his head coach, Marv Levy? Are the bolts coming off that happy Buffalo stagecoach?
* Indianapolis 28, Cincinnati 20: That’s enough of a win streak for the Bengals.
* Pittsburgh 19, Miami 14: Dan Marino returns to the land of his birth. Unfortunately, so does the rest of his limping team.
* San Diego 29, New England 24: All week long, Drew Bledsoe has been whispering to Bill Parcells, “Lemme throw it 80 times, I know I can throw it 80 times, please let me throw it 80 times . . . ”
* Dallas 34, Washington 14: No one is watching back in D.C. They’re all out buying Bullets tickets.
* Denver 31, Atlanta 27: All I know is, if Andre Rison was really suspended only because he was late for a meeting, that’s a pretty dumb coaching staff they got down there. Haven’t they heard of a heavy fine?
* LA Raiders 28, New Orleans 24: Saints and Sinners.
* Minnesota 28, NY Jets 20: If Boomer Esiason tries throwing 70 times against the Vikes, his arm will fall off.
* Philadelphia 24, Arizona 17: Another fun visit from Buddy’s old friends.
* Seattle 20, Tampa Bay 9: Yuck.
* San Francisco 30, LA Rams 27: Easy, 49ers. That Cowboy game wasn’t the Super Bowl.
* Houston 6, NY Giants 2 (Monday night): OK. Who let this turkey on “Monday Night Football”?
* Record last week: 8-5
* Last week vs. spread: 6-4-3
* Season record: 82-58
* Season vs. spread: 69-65-6


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