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* Philadelphia 10, Chicago 7: Sorry, Eagles, but the best part of the team is on crutches.

* Washington 19, Giants 10: Rodney Hampton carried the ball 70 times in the last two games. Now he’s injured. Either that, or he’s sleeping.

* Raiders 20, Jets 16: Ronnie Lott returns as a Jet. He lands on the runway, taxis to the gate and unloads the flight attendants.
* Cleveland 21, Miami 20: Bernie Kosar gets to call his own plays this week. His first one is, “Get rid of the coaching staff, on three, ready, break!”
* Pittsburgh 20, San Diego 9: Anti-Friesz.
* Denver 30, Green Bay 17: We’re still waiting for the Packers to be the team everyone expects them to be. Of course, we’re still waiting for Tony Mandarich, too.
* Phoenix 20, New England 6: Right about now, Bill Parcells is telling himself, “You know, that NBC gig wasn’t so bad now that I think about it.”
* Dallas 17, Indianapolis 10: Remember when Emmitt Smith was the biggest story in the country? Before Michael Jordan?
* Kansas City 19, Cincinnati 7: Joe Montana will play football until he’s 50. He will do this by playing once every three games.
* Minnesota 24, Tampa Bay 10: Despite the Lions game last week, I still say Tampa is the fifth-best team in the state of Florida, behind the Dolphins, the Seminoles, the Hurricanes and the Gators.
* Buffalo 20, Houston 17 (Monday night): Last time they played, Houston blew a 35-point lead and ended its season. This time, neither team is capable of scoring that many.
* Best pick last week: Buffalo 20, NY Giants 10 (Bills won, 17-14).
* Worst pick last week: Lions 24, Tampa Bay 10 (Lions lost, 27-10).
* Record last week: 9-2
* Record vs. spread: 5-5-1.
* Season record: 41-18.
* Season vs. spread: 27-31-1.


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