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I don’t know about you, but I’m guessing more people watch Monday night’s San Francisco vs. New York Giants game than watch the Super Bowl on Jan. 27.

After all, you can bet the Giants won’t lose 55-10, as the Broncos did to the 49ers in Super Bowl XXIV.

And you can bet that the 49ers won’t lose 39-20, as the Broncos did to the Giants in Super Bowl XXI.

Come to think of it, the problem really is the Broncos, isn’t it?

And now, this week’s picks . . .
* Chicago 23, Lions 12: It’s not nice to humiliate Papa Bear.
* Atlanta 21, Tampa Bay 14: The Falcons had two of the top five players on a recently published “Ten Meanest, Nastiest, Dirtiest Players in the NFL” list. Jerry Glanville patted them both on the head, and fed them an extra portion of raw meat.
* Minnesota 21, Green Bay 20: They’re making a movie about the resurgence of the Vikings. They’re calling it “Night of the Living Dead.”
* Pittsburgh 24, Cincinnati 21: Boomer’s going bust.
* Kansas City 30, New England 10: The most severe penalty in the Lisa Olson case is that the Patriots have to keep playing football games.
* LA Rams 14, Cleveland 7: The Disappointment Bowl.
* Miami 23, Washington 20: When the Giants and 49ers both lost last week, Don Shula called up Larry Csonka, Bob Griese and Nick Buoniconti and said,
“Boys, we’re still the best.”
* Philadelphia 28, Buffalo 24: The Eagles had three of the top five on that
“NFL’s Dirtiest Players” list. Buddy Ryan patted all three on the head and gave them each two extra pieces of raw meat.
* Houston 24, Seattle 14: Domes don’t scare the Oilers.
* Indianapolis 31, Phoenix 21: Eric Dickerson has one decent game, and he gives a press conference as if he’s just won the rushing title.
* LA Raiders 23, Denver 19: Like I said up top, the Broncos really are the problem, aren’t they?
* New Orleans 23, Dallas 17: Steve Walsh shakes hands with Troy Aikman before the game, then whispers in his ear, “By the way, I told my team all your plays.”
* San Diego 27, NY Jets 10: Do they really let the Jets play in the same stadium as the Giants?
* (Monday night) San Francisco 23, NY Giants 21: Call me crazy. I just think Joe Montana can play well in big games. I don’t know why, I just do.
* Record last week: 7-7.
* Record vs. spread: 10-3-1. * Season record: 101-55.
* Season vs. spread: 83-71-2.
* Best pick last week: Houston 34, Buffalo 30 (Oilers won, 27-24).
* Worst pick last week: Chicago 28, Minnesota 10 (Vikings won, 41-13).


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