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Hole in the Roof Helps Sacramento Church

When Charlotte Coleman submitted an application earlier this year to A Hole in the Roof Foundation on behalf of Christ Temple Apostolic Church, she was stunned by the immediacy of the response.“Let me tell you, normally that doesn’t happen,” said Coleman,...
Homeless fan still has his hand in the game

Homeless fan still has his hand in the game

There’s a million stories in baseball. This one happened outside the stadium.

It was almost 1 a.m. Tuesday, and I was leaving to go home after covering the Tigers-Yankees game. The Tigers had won, and in the distance near the late-closing bars you could hear car horns and some determined partyers, but for the most part, the area was empty, a few cops, a few stadium workers.

I walked down a small street called Montcalm that feeds into Woodward Avenue. Ahead of me, I saw an older man standing by a light pole. He held a cup and a small piece of cardboard.

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