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5 People The Freshman got to meet

Tuesdays With Lori

Class: Senior English Grade: High School Subject: English School/Institution: Anderson County High School Clinton Tennessee Dear Mr. Albom, I have been teaching Tuesdays with Morrie for 19 years to my high school English classes or should I say Tuesdays with Morrie...
5 People The Freshman got to meet

Learning in Silence

Class: Death and Dying Grade: College/University Subject: Psychology School/Institution: Southwestern Illinois Community College Granite City, IL The students in the classroom were silent and absorbed, during the movie. The feelings could almost be reached out and...
5 People The Freshman got to meet

Lessons from the Five People

Class: Spanish III/IV Grade: High School Subject: Foreign Language School/Institution: Clarksville Academy Clarksville, TN We are students from a private high school located in Clarksville, Tennessee. Recently, our Spanish teacher, Danny Magrans, showed us the movie...

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