Andy and Emily Linn (Season 1, Episode 20) » Mitch Albom
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Air date: March 15, 2012

Before you say Detroit is a dying city, you should meet Andy and Emily Linn. The young brother and sister entrepreneurs opening City Bird and Nest, two hip, artsy retail outlets right in the heart of Motown. Emily: I don’t think we would have ever considered opening a business anywhere else and we both grew up in the city, our family is from this area and I think we feel really committed to Detroit and excited about being a small part of some of the changes that are happening right now in the city. City Bird carries clothes, jewelry, apparel and paper goods from many local artists. Nest focuses on sundries and housewares. Mitch Albom: So if someone is just getting a new loft here in Detroit and they want to be very cool with their new house wares, they have a place to shop. Andy: Sure Mitch Albom: This one for example, Greetings from Detroit Michigan, sort of looks like a Bruce Springsteen album cover by the way. Andy: It does Mitch: This does well?…This is a popular one. Emily/Andy: Yeah it is very popular Andy and Emily both live in the area along with an increasing number of young people. Andy: One thing that is so great about Detroit is that it is really wonderful for young people because the barriers to entry and the cost of living is much lower so you can really try out your ideas and work on building a business of your own. Mitch Albom: Right, you can live pretty well here for pretty cheap money. Andy/Emily: Yeah you really can, definitely. They moved here, they opened businesses here and they want to stay here. Andy and Emily Linn are a strong sibling dose of what our city needs and together they are energizing The Heart of Detroit.

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