Bill Wiercioch (Season 1, Episode 14) » Mitch Albom
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Air date: February 2, 2012

He’s 77 years old, an age when many retirees just want to take care of themselves. But Bill Wiercioch takes care of others. They call him the donut man. Bill: Well I went to Tim Horton’s the first time and I asked the young lady there, the manager you know what do you do with you donuts and what have you? And she says geez good question, you know I think they were tossing them out at that time and I said I would be willing to pick them up and they have them every morning. Four days a week he delivers those donuts and more to needy organizations. He drives in from Plymouth and covers the city with an eye peeled for hungry people. Mitch Albom: And do you stop at every one? Bill: I try to stop at every one as long as I don’t back up traffic or get into an accident or something. Mitch Albom: And you try to give them at least a little something? Bill: I try to give them at least a donut or something, or a package of donuts. Mitch Albom: And what’s generally the reception from these people? Bill: Oh they are just as happy as can be, really. Except one told me he was a diabetic and he wouldn’t take it. LAUGHING. Wiercioch also delivers clothes and toys for kids and in the winter he gives even more. Bill: I’ve seen guys standing out there with zero weather out there and you just shake your head and wonder how do they do it. Just to stand there. You have to give them more than just donuts, you have to dig into your wallet. Bill Wiercioch is an example of the difference between staying comfortably put and getting out and helping the world. He could be golfing or playing cards, instead he puts in 100 miles per day as the Johnny Donutseed of Detroit. Mitch Albom: Would you say you have made friends with some of the people you have helped? Bill: Oh definitely. Mitch Albom: And what have you learned from them? Bill: How lucky I am. MITCH VO: Sweetening the lives of others, the Donut Man, Bill Wiercioch is feeding The Heart of Detroit.

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