Birdhouse for Autism (Season 2, Episode 16) » Mitch Albom
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Air date: February 6, 2014

Autistic children are both a blessing and a challenge. Danielle Gillman, mother of 9 year old Brodie, quickly discovered her biggest challenge was keeping information organized. Dani: How she was reacting to different treatments or different supplements or medications. How certain amount of sleep would affect her mood or behavior or diet. Ben: When I came into their lives Dani was taking these notes like she was saying and she had been using paper notebooks and I was thinking your tech savvy, you use an iPhone you use computers. Two years ago they created Birdhouse for Autism, an app that lets families chart everything from medications to behavior patterns to doctors appointments. Dani: I also track her sleep and her digestive issues and moods, behaviors and um melt downs and any um circumstances surrounding the meltdowns that I can over time be able to understand and see patterns. Sharing those sorts of details can be critical for proper diagnosis and for a sense of order in an often chaotic homelife. A reason Birdhouse for Autism is now being used by families around America and several foreign countries. Ben: Uh we just got a family in Finland who signed up and offered to translate our website into Finnish. Dani: Having a child with Autism can feel very isolating so being able to connect with a network of people going through the same experience has been invaluable for me. Ben: Our goal isn’t to find a cure or even to find a reason and our goal isn’t even to say its good or bad our goal is to say ok well you are living with Autism now. It is in your family and how can we give you the tools that you need to succeed. Using technology to provide those tools, Dani, Ben and Birdhouse for Autism are making a challenging life a bit easier for others around the world and here in the Heart of Detroit.

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