Charity Music (Season 1, Episode 30) » Mitch Albom
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Air date: June 21, 2012

They say that music is in the soul, but to make it, you need an instrument. That’s where Charity Music comes in. Mitch Albom: You have probably given away thousands of instruments. Roger: Yeah, I am sure it is over one thousand. We did look at those numbers. Mitch Albom: You have made a lot of music then. And has a lot of parents going like this Roger Fachini is CEO of Charity Music which aims to provide free instruments to needy kids, at risk kids, or kids who have no chance at music education in school. Mitch Albom: Now, what’s the most sought after instrument by the kids? Roger: Guitar…everyone wants it. Mitch Albom: Guitar. Everyone wants an axe. Roger: A guitar yeah, and some of our biggest supporters are guitar people. Charity Music takes instrument donations and loans them to interested kids, which expands their creativity and more. Roger: It helps their math, their whole learning skills. We deal with a lot of single parents and sometimes the child appreciates the instrument, but the parents understand how important that instrument is and they are the ones that are really…. Mitch Albom: Unless of course you are giving a drum set at which point the mother says, “Really?” With plans for a community center, recording studio, even a sheet music library, Charity Music hopes to play the notes that children’s dreams are made of. Mitch Albom: Can you tell when you give an instrument to a child, there is something you see on their face that tells you this is going to make a difference in their lives? Roger: Yes, you know it is almost like, you know, Christmas when we give it to them. Mitch Albom: It is a gift of music, isn’t it? Roger: Yeah, exactly. Providing tools to match the talent, Charity Music plays a wonderful soundtrack for the heart of Detroit.

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