Cheryl Valentine (Season 1, Episode 15) » Mitch Albom
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Air date: February 9, 2012

We all had a music teacher. For 30 years, Detroit Public school kids have been lucky enough to have Cheryl Valentine. Cheryl: I like to see the metamorphosis of the students. When they come in knowing a little and leave knowing a lot, that’s why I do it. Currently the choral director at the Detroit School of Arts, Valentine’s pride and joy is Visions, and all male choral group that could give Glee a run for it’s money. Cheryl: The home situations are not always the best and when they come here, this is that sanctuary, and then when they start singing you just see it come out. I truly believe in a culture, if a culture is to survive the men have to be on top of their game. I tell all of them, I am not visiting a jail house to see you, and I am not going to a funeral, so you are going to have to make it. Mitch Albom: In your view, what is the responsibility of a music teacher? Cheryl: Hmmm…to bring the world of music to every student they teach and have them have a love for it. Mrs. V, as she is known, has brought musical love to generations of our city’s kids. Cheryl: The scary part is though when they come back and they bring me their child and they say my child’s going to be in your class and I’ll go oh my God, I have been here that long. LAUGHING…I am still making a difference. That is a good thing. So when I stop making a difference then I will go on into the sunset. Mitch Albom: You may have just committed yourself for another 30 years. Cheryl: Okay, Okay Mitch Albom: You’re alright with that? Cheryl: Oh no problem, no problem at all. With a passion for children and music. Cheryl Valentine gives a beautiful soundtrack to The Heart of Detroit.

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