Chris Coker (Season 2, Episode 10) » Mitch Albom
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Air date: November 21, 2013

When you give you get. Chris Coker was volunteering to fix up homes for the Working Homes Working Families part of SAY Detroit and the Detroit Rescue Mission. Chris: I even told my wife I said I am working on a great house and whoever family get that house would be blessed because that is a great neighborhood. Chris and his wife both worked, had five kids, and were living in a cramped apartment in a bad neighborhood. Chris: There was a lot of violence a lot of drug trafficking Mitch Albom: It wasn’t safe? Chris: At all Little did he know that this made his family exactly the type of folks WORKING HOMES and the DRMM wanted to help. Chris: Even when my daughter received the keys I was still looking at the keys like for real? Same went for the rest of his family, including his teenaged son Cory. Cory: I was stunned I was uh speechless. Mitch Albom: And then you probably couldn’t wait to run inside and take a look. Which one is my room right? Cory: Yeah (laughing) The program provides houses for working families, and if they pay the taxes utilities and do all upkeep for three years, the house is deeded over to them. CHRIS and family are on the verge of that. In the interim, their lives have been transformed. Cory: With all the negativity going on right now we all need that sense of hope and the Ministry and everybody else that donated their time to this just gave me gave my family a big sense of hope. This program is one of those funded largely by the collection made on the annual SAY DETROIT radiothon. When the keys are given over, it never fails to draw cheers and tears. Chad: When you give a house to a family that did not have a place to actually call home but a temporary housing it is a great feeling for us and them at the same time. At this year’s event Chris will receive the deed to his own home. When you give you get, And Dr. Audi and all who support Working Homes Working Families and DRMM give a lot to the heart of Detroit.

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