Core City Neighborhoods (Season 1, Episode 28) » Mitch Albom
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The homes are solid, the streets tidy, and the residents are grateful. This is the fruit of Core City Neighborhoods, whose purpose is to turn blight into light. Willie: Substandard housing was the major problem in this area and it also contributed to all the other social problems. Willie Campbell is Executive Director of Core City. He has led efforts to build hundreds of single family homes, provided at low rates for families that meet the requirements. Many needy Detroiters go from dangerous or rotted housing to these well-kept, secure neighborhoods — that on this spring day even bring the ice cream man. Willie: Yeah, they knew you were here so… Mitch Albom: I tell you, I think I am in the middle of Nebraska here. Willie: Actually they knew I was here, they know I like ice cream. Mitch Albom: There goes Mr. Softy. Campbell got involved in helping people after retiring nearly 20 years ago. Willie: My son kind of outgrew me for fishing. I think I saw a newsletter for Core City and I thought I’d like to be involved. He has found that giving people a home is not a handout, but a hand up. Willie: I have learned that most people do want to share in the American Dream which is to have their own house or to have a clean, decent, safe place to live whether they are tenants or homeowners and if they are given a chance they usually prove that they are a good risk. A city’s pride begins with its neighborhoods, and neighborhoods begin with decent homes. In that way, Willie Cambell and Core City are truly rebuilding the Heart of Detroit.

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