Detroit Bold Coffee (Season 3, Episode 18) » Mitch Albom
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Air date: April 23, 2015 — He’s a roofer by trade, but A.J. O’Neil had an unfortunate accident that forced him into a new adventure. A.J.: I opened up a café in Ferndale and quickly found out that roofing was easy compared to that. To jump-start his new business AJ began an open mike night that successfully brought attention to Detroit’s “can do” attitude during the city’s most challenging time. He even set a Guinness World Record. A.J.: We had the world’s longest concert there called the assembly line concert. Mitch: How long was that concert? A.J.: 360 non-stop hours. Mitch: 15 days. A.J.: We did that through really good coffee because the backbone of how we were able to stay up for all those hours was through our coffee so we thought, ‘let’s sell the coffee.’ And Detroit Bold was the perfect name for a coffee. Detroit Bold Coffee was born in Highland Park. The coffee carries the BOLD attitude that is synonymous with our city and now A.J. is on a quest to sell one million bags of coffee. Profits from his “Million Bag March” will be used to give back to communities all across the city. A.J.: And we want to build community cafes, train people in the community how to run a small business how to run a café and then actually give them to the community. We’re a bunch of hard working people that really do care about our community. First a roofer then a record holder and now a coffee humanitarian, A.J. O’Neil is brewing a bold idea right here in the heart of Detroit.

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