Dr. Peggy Richardson (Season 3, Episode 8) » Mitch Albom
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Air date: November 20, 2014 www.theheartofdetroit.com

There are nearly 80,000 homeless children in our state, and many of them never receive medical care, because homeless parents are afraid. Peggy: the problem is the hospitals are full of social workers and um if your information is not the way they want it to be then it can cause some social problems at home and it can cause ladies to lose their children. Peggy Richardson is the medical director of our SAY Detroit Family Health clinic, the nations first clinic devoted to homeless children and their mothers. She had a full time practice of her own when the clinic opened six years ago. Peggy: I was doing fine but I wanted to do something and here I find that I can give enough to satisfy myself. The clinic saw more than 6000 patients last year. It’s grown from just handling emergencies to preventive and overall health. Peggy: We have yoga we have weight loss classes for them we have aerobics for our patients we have physical therapy up the hall for our patients. Richardson was inspired to work here based on her own Detroit experience. Peggy: We were in the middle of the ghetto Mitch: There was no place like this back then Peggy: Not at all. Not at all we didn’t go we didn’t go to doctors. Today she is more than a doctor she is an inspirational figure to volunteers, staffers and patients. Peggy: I am here because I am doing something for somebody that won’t pay me back. But it’s like a donation into the universe. It always comes back. From the streets of Detroit to helping those that are still living on them Peggy Richardson is a major healer here in the heart of Detroit.

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