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Air date: October 2, 2014 http://www.theheartofdetroit.org

Durell Montgomery is not be your typical cowboy. For starters, he’s from Detroit. He grew up riding horses with his family in Alabama but now he is trying to share his love of four legged transport here in the motor city. Durell: I ride around and find a location, I park and pull my horses out and just ride around the neighborhoods and give kids rides. Motor City Horsemen began three years ago. Its goal to provide lessons and riding opportunities for underprivileged kids and adults. Every day Durell introduces often surprised Detroiters to the wonder of horses. Durell: For a lot of kids it’s the very first time they have seen a horse for a lot of adults it’s the first time they have seen a horse you know so uh I have had some people that said that I completely turned their day from being bad to being something positive. Durell and the Motor City Horsemen run lessons out of their Romulus facility. They attend special events and visit schools to share the spiritual and mental healing that horses can provide. Durell recalls the effect getting on a horse had on a friend of his with ADHD. Durell: I put him up on the horse and his demeanor his personality completely calm he relaxed he got quiet he was focusing on what I was telling him and that showed me that these horses have an instant impact on how they affect people. While the Motor City Horsemen continue their long journey from Romulus to Detroit each week Durell has big plans for the future. Durell: I would love to try to get a place a location inside of Detroit and I think I can touch a lot more people a lot better being right there so I definitely think Detroit needs something like this. Girl: I love riding horses! Turning a passion for riding into an urban experience – Durell Montgomery and the Motor City Horsemen are saddling up the locals here in the heart of Detroit.

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