Evie Boss (Season 2, Episode 1) » Mitch Albom
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Air date: September 5, 2013

A music class. But not a typical one. Everyone here is dealing with cancer, including the teacher, Evie Boss. Evie: Once you have had cancer you are never quite done and we accept that here. Here is Gilda’s club in Royal Oak, a place for community and over 120 programs for those dealing with cancer. Evie, a 17 year cancer survivor, came here for herself, but stayed for others. She now focuses on teaching them music. Evie: For example, this is a C chord. One finger alright (begins playing Row Row Row Your Boat). Ta Da Mitch: For example Evie: Exactly. And that is a pretty great motivation. Mitch: That is a very catchy song, who wrote that? Did you write that? Evie: (Laughing) No……. Helping people find their passion. Following their hearts. That’s what I am about. If I feel I have connected with someone it is a good day. Mitch: And when you are facing cancer, you are dealing with cancer does it speedup your what are you waiting for gene? Evie: Oh you bet. I think you become more aware that you are mortal. So what are you doing with your time? If you are not doing it with joy…why…why? I think that is the point of all the volunteers that are here is that we all have different gifts to share. Discovering cancer is a monumental challenge. Discovering others to share the journey is a monumental relief. Evie Boss — like her colleagues at Gilda’s club — share their time and teaching, helping to prove The Heart of Detroit.

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