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New York Times best selling author Mitch Albom is back with a new book, his first-ever sequel to “Five People You Meet in Heaven” is out in just a few weeks.

Albom sat down to talk with Jay Towers and Amy Andrews about his new book “The Next Person You Meet in Heaven”, which follows the character of Annie from the first book.

Albom told Jay and Amy that he’s been asked for years to write a sequel and now, it’s written and will be out soon.

On October 14, Albom will host a one-night charity event for the children of Haiti and Detroit for the release of the book. Included at the party will be Anderson Cooper, Bob Costas, Jane Pauley, Joe Dumars, Jim Harbaugh, the actors from the Detroiters, and more. Get your tickets here

Air date: September 13, 2018

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