Fresh Corner Cafe (Season 1, Episode 6) » Mitch Albom
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Air date: October 10, 2013

You are what you eat. That’s what they say. Two young Detroiters are trying to change the quality of what Detroiters call a meal. Noam: A lot of people don’t have the option to eat healthy. There are few grocery stores in the city and many people don’t have access to private transportation and so it happens that people are relying a lot on the corner store for their food needs Mitch Albom: And unless I miss my guess the most popular items going out the door before you got there in these corner stores were things like pop and potato chips Noam: Yeah did you know that Detroit is the #1 potato chip consumer in the country? Mitch Albom: Now I do Noam Kimelman and Val Waller set out to change that. Fresh Corner Café makes, distributes and sells healthy alternatives where Detroiters actually shop – the corner stores and lunch stand. Val: We go to all of our locations and we do sampling to get people to try our products and people are like “whoa this is really awesome” and they start to look for us. The idea for Fresh Corner Café started during Noam’s time as a grad student at Michigan. A native of Boston, he knew little about our city. Noam: My roommate was like don’t ever go to Detroit and if you do bring weapons and club Now he lives in the city, and along with his partners, including Val, a Detroit native, they distribute to 36 stores and have a ten person staff. They are seeking investors to grow even more. Val: As far as Detroiters eating habits is not that they don’t want to it is that it has never been available you know you can’t bridge the gap people don’t if you don’t know you can’t do. Young entrepeneurs are welcome in Detroit. Entrepeneurs making us healthier are even more special. Mitch Albom: By the way, look the kid is trim, slim…obviously he is eating his own food. You should just stand up and be Noam: Fresh Corner diet Mitch Albom: There you go….be as skinny as Noam…buy the food. Fresh Ideas from Fresh faces, the Fresh Corner Café is creating healthier bodies in the Heart of Detroit.

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