Girl Scouts of Northville (Season 2, Episode 8) » Mitch Albom
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Air date: October 24, 2013

When you say “girls scouts” most people think cookies. They don’t think of fixing up homes for the poor in the inner city. But that’s what these four girl scouts from Northville have done. An extreme makeover for the extremely needy. Shannon: I thought it was a nice way to give back for the ladies since they are trying to get their lives back on track. Shannon, Olivia, Abigail and Claire came from the comforts of Northville to the stark reality of the Detroit Rescue Mission’s Genesis House 2, a transitional housing project for women with children getting their lives back together. Abby: This isn’t something that I had been exposed to. Shannon: it really opened my eyes to see that there was three people in the size of my bedroom space Olivia: it was humbling to see how they had to carry all of their belonging with them Working under the Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan Program, the four teens had to draw up room deigns, raise the money, recruit volunteers and do all the work in making over the living space. The physical changes are obvious. The emotional ones may count for more. Mitch Albom: What did you think when you saw mom and her two year old twins living in a shelter? Claire: I was very grateful coming from where I come from that I was able to help them out. These teenaged scouts truly changed the shelter’s spaces into homey environments. Mitch Albom: Have you ever worked that hard on your own rooms at home? All: No Mitch: No and did your parents say to you oh fine you can go build an entire room down at a shelter but I cant get your to make your own beds. All: Laughing Today’s young people are often perceived as self absorbed. But Northville leads the nation in Gold Award Winner for service and nearly 40 percent of girls in Northville get involved in scouting. Shannon: Yeah I don’t think you can ever outgrow Girl Scouts Mitch Albom: You will be wearing this vest when you are 50 then? Shannon: (Laughing) Forever MITCH VO: A LOT MORE THAN COOKIES, THESE NORTHVILLE GIRL SCOUTS PROVED THEIR HEART OF MICHIGAN PROGRAM WELL SERVES THE HEART OF DETROIT.

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