Good Karma Club (Season 3, Episode 3) » Mitch Albom
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Air date: October 9, 2014
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Heidi Muszall has always had a passion for helping others. Like many people in Metro Detroit, this community minded designer from Ferndale found it difficult to find volunteer opportunities that fit into her busy work schedule. Heidi: I figured if other people were in the same boat I would put this out there as a platform for people to find, easy to do, easy to sign up for a couple hours here or there volunteer work. The Good Karma Club began online as a small social group of like-minded people trying to do better for the community. Now almost two years later the club is host to over 600 volunteers ready and able to serve metro-Detroit communities. Mitch: You basically went to these organizations around Detroit and said listen if you tell us what there is that you need done maybe we can bring you or connect you with people who want to do it. Heidi: Exactly. It’s really geared around people who work a standard kind of 9 to 5 job. We set up a time to go as a group so that it is more of a social experience and it’s not as intimidating for some people to go on their own. Members of the Good Karma Club work on projects that range from serving meals at soup kitchens, to walking dogs for a local animal shelter. They are always looking for new ways to make a connection. Heidi: I find that people really like to interact with others in hands on things where you can feel like you are actually having a connection, making an impact but also just to connect with the community to see the positive things that are happening in Detroit. Mitch: So the excuse is well I would like to volunteer but I can’t because I have a full time job is thrown out the window with your group. Heidi: Right, completely. Mitch: Everybody has got a full time job Heidi: Exactly Mitch: And you can still volunteer Heidi: You can. Proving that you are never too busy to help – the Good Karma Club is supporting the community spirit here in the heart of Detroit.

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