Grant Anderson (Season 2, Episode 24) » Mitch Albom
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Air date: April 17, 2014

Grant Anderson was little more than a kid himself, when a terrible car accident left him near dead. Grant: They told me I was under the truck the semi truck for over an hour. Jaws of life had to tear me out. I was lifted in a helicopter to London Victoria Hospital where the doctors said that they should let me die. He didn’t die. A craniotomy, six week coma, five months in the hospital, seven years of rehabbing. But the one-time Wayne State vocal student has been lifted up — by family and by music, which helped get his brain back on track. Grant: Like that Mitch: And that helped connect your brain? Grant: Yeah…something as simple as that. Mitch: Someone put a keyboard in front of me and then things started waking up. Grant: I wasn’t as good as I was before, but like a small child, I was reborn again. These days, Grant spreads his message of perseverance all over — including elementary schools. He even gets them to sing. Donna: When I was really young I wanted to be a rock star but God had different plans for me and I accepted those with a happy face because when life we need to pick ourselves up and keep going I am still singing and performing in a different way on a different stage to a different community. Mitch: When you go to talk to kids at schools what is the essence of your message? Grant: Whatever you are doing in life if you get down or you get knocked over someone will be there to get you up just look for the help and take it. Turning a tragic accident into a new lease on life, Grant Anderson plays an inspiring melody that gladdens the heart of Detroit.

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