Heart 2 Hart (Season 2, Episode 15) » Mitch Albom
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Air date: January 30, 2014

What make a person want to give? Two years ago, Larry Oleinick decided to spend his lunch hour handing out food to the hungry. Larry: I drove down to Hart Plaza and I uh start sitting on the benches with the people and they kind of looked at me like what’s this guy conversing with me. Mitch: Giving me apples and granola bars Larry (under Mitch): giving me….yeah exactly, exactly By the time the day was over, Oleinick had realized the enormous need in his city, and had found a new purpose. He has since left behind his business in Farmington Hills and formed Heart to Hart — as in his heart to Hart plaza. Larry: We generally start about 7:30 in the morning and sometimes a volunteer will be here to help prepare the sandwiches and basically get everything ready from the food standpoint and then the person that works with me Kenneth Levy comes in and we kind of brainstorm what other products we want to take like underwear and socks. Mitch: And then you load up your truck? Larry: Right and we are usually there by 12. The effect? Ask Lisa Zeldes, a regular volunteer. Lisa: a lot of these people were very much like Larry and I until and event or series of events changed their lives forever. There are always people waiting even in these incredible temperatures we had recently They are ready for food what they want is more important and what they want is human interaction. Heart to Hart now operates three days a week and helps dozens of needy citizens. Larry: we are doing 65 lunches per day we have outgrown our vehicle. We’re in need of a big van All because one man decided to spend his lunch break feeding someone else. Larry: We’ve kind of found a piece of this world that needs a little repairing we are building relationships. To me it is that simple. Sometimes it is that simple. Heart to Hart, in the heart of Detroit.

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