Janet Webster Jones (Season 3, Episode 16) » Mitch Albom
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Air date: April 9, 2015

Janet Webster Jones is a fixture here in Metro Detroit. The daughter of a librarian…her love of books blossomed at a young age. Janet: We had the wonderful experience and opportunity to walk to the library every Saturday, get books, walk back and read them all week long so books have always been in my life. Janet’s love for learning lead her on a study trip to Egypt in the 80s. She was often asked to speak about what she learned. With reference books in hand, she soon became known as “The Book Lady”. Janet: I would always bring books with me to document some of the things that I was uh saying about uh that ancient civilization. Mitch: And when people say well books are a thing of the past you know we have computers now how do you respond to that? Janet: Well I ask uh and who are you and how did you get that information (laughing) After retiring from the Detroit Public Schools she decided to open her own store in Midtown. Source Booksellers has been enchanting non-fiction lovers for more than a decade. Janet: I always say that people never left the bookstores the big box bookstores left the people. Janet refuses to operate that way instead she embraces the Detroit community and the chance to affect it. Four or five times a month she offers free events that expand the mind and lift the spirit. Janet: I love the fact that books can take you to places that you don’t have to have been there to know about. They have a personality. Books are very friendly. Sharing a passion for reading with her customers, Janet Webster Jones is building a legacy one page at a time here in the heart of Detroit.

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