Khaalida English and Pretty Positive Girls (Season 3, Episode 9) » Mitch Albom
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Air date: December 4, 2014

Young girls are bombarded each day with unrealistic images of what it means to be perfect. And often these images have a lasting effect. Khaalida English is on a crusade to help girls combat those pressures. Khaalida: Teaching them how to use positive affirmations, be positive towards other people um be positive about themselves. Khaalida created an after school program called Pretty Positive Girls which encourages third, fourth and fifth graders to explore what it means to be beautiful inside and out. Khaalida: The program promotes that self-esteem and being positive about yourself and a lot of the exposure that they get from that can be an impact. The girls learn everything from sewing to nutrition to yoga. Khaalida pushes the arts the most with trips to the opera and ballet like she had as a child. Khaalida: We have gone to the swan lake ballet, we’ve been to the young orchestra concert um the parents are welcome to come to and a lot of them have never been as adults or as children and they all come out with that same kind of wow you know that was amazing I want to go back. Pretty Positive Girls is now operating in 5 Detroit area schools. Khaalida hopes to expand her reach in the future but for now is pleased with the impact her program has had. Khaalida: I think that just the power of positive affirmation and the power of positive thinking is what was instilled in me as a child so I try my best to you know put that message to anybody I come in contact with. Beauty is not skin deep. Khaalida English and Pretty Positive Girls are celebrating the power of positive thinking inside the heart of Detroit.

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