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Air date: September 29, 2011

An Episode of “The Heart of Detroit”, hosted by Mitch Albom: Mosher: We need a little bit more of that railing, do you still have any of it in stock? Mitch: Metro Detroiter’s often draw a line between the city and the suburbs. Matt Mosher doesn’t (music). Mosher runs a highly successful landscape company, but his workweek always contains free of charge labor for those less fortunate. Mosher: I see total ying and yang. So I’m on a million dollar you know landscape type project where the client gets everything in the world that they want and everything has to go in perfect and you come down to an area like this where it’s completely different. Mich: Whether it’s fixing up a shelter, refurbishing houses or building a backyard playground, Matt has made donating his time and supplies part of his routine. (music) (talking) Mosher: I see kids that grow up in affluent suburbs and have everything they want, and then you come down here where the kids are satisfied with playing with a rock in the street and then the second you give them something like a crayon it just makes their entire day. Mich: Mosher has a message for successful people who never thought of donating their work: Mosher: Try it out because you’ll just be amazed at how good it makes you feel Mitch: Breaking the mythical barriers between suburbs and city. Matt Mosher keeps the beat of the heart of Detroit.

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