On the Rise Bakery (Season 1, Episode 9) » Mitch Albom
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Air date: December 1, 2011

From the outside its just another bakery. But these cookies and breads are cooked with compassion. Brother Ray Stadmeyer of the Capuchin Soup Kitchen wanted to help men let out of prison who were looking for a second chance. Mitch Albom: What were those first days like? Brother Ray: Yeah we made a lot of mistakes. Our bread sometimes had curves in it, you know…it went down instead of up. They stuck with it because of a higher goal. Brother Ray: These are the most vulnerable men in our society right now. They are men who can not get work often times…ah…who’s self esteem is way low. On the Rise changes that. Men get a year of training and a year of residential assistance. Thirty-five men have gone through the program and only two have wound up back in jail. The rest have seen new hope. Paul: So many people are out of work, it is almost impossible for a guy that’s with a criminal history like mine to get a chance. It take people like these to give me a chance and to show that I can change. Edward: Without the program, I would without a doubt be in the streets someplace. There is a sense of pride in this bakery. A sense of purpose as well. Brother Ray: I love to be able to see somebody realize that they are well worth the sacrifices you know and that their life means something. Some of these men are the best men that I have ever met. Mitch Albom: You know mothers say that they make their chocolate chip cookies with love. What would you guys say you make your chocolate chip cookies with? Paul: With hope. Hope that people are going to come in and buy them. LAUGHING The On the Rise Bakery, offering the sweet taste of a second chance in the heart of Detroit.

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