Quincy Jones (Season 3, Episode 19) » Mitch Albom
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Air date: April 30, 2014

Quincy Jones always felt like something was missing in his life. So he quit his job in sales, joined the Peace Corp and spent years working with the people of Mali West Africa. Quincy: One thing I learned is that everybody wants the same thing. No matter if you’re an American you’re African whatever people really want to grow and be prosperous and really grow their community so when I came back I got back involved. Block clubs President, volunteering at the community center then I said I really want to start doing community organizing. That brought me over to the Osborn. This pocket of Northeast Detroit is considered one of the city’s poorest communities but that doesn’t stop Quincy from going door to door to get people involved. Mitch: Let’s say you just knocked on my door Quincy: I’d say my name is Quincy Jones…and we are here to work with you to make the community better. Mitch: They didn’t say the Quincy Jones? Quincy: Well they did say that…Laughing Quincy’s rallying efforts brought the residents of Osborn together. They built the Matrix Center for youth in the community. They formed the Osborn Neighborhood Alliance. They boarded up abandoned buildings, cleaned up parks and partnered with area organizations to renovate homes. All to let people know… Quincy: You can work live and play in Osborn. One thing you find about in Detroit is that people really want to make a difference. There is a lot of engaged residents and if you don’t have strong neighborhoods you don’t have a strong city. Whether he’s playing basketball with neighborhood kids or cleaning up the streets, Quincy Jones is spearheading a community movement right here in the heart of Detroit.

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