Robert Robinson (Season 2, Episode 3) » Mitch Albom
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Air date: September 19, 2013

It takes a village to raise someone — sometimes it takes a village to find someone. Searching for missing Detroiters is part of what community activist Robert Robinson does. Robert: When somebody comes up missing, we stop what we are doing and we go out and look for that person. And every family that we have helped when someone else comes up missing they are right out there with us. Robinson’s group, It takes a Village Y’all, mobilizes Detroiters. When not searching for missing citizens it distributes food, clothing, furniture and offers help to seniors. Robert: We call ourselves Help-O-Holics you know and that is like we are trying to show the young people there is nothing wrong with going out and helping someone else Robinson, who earns a living as a brick layer and welder, is a mentor, motivational speaker, and grass roots leader. He wasn’t always this way. Robert: I was a knucklehead and what I used to do you know is sell drugs. I went from selling bricks to laying bricks. Robinson’s group has over 5000 Facebook followers, who mobilize to help each other. His hope is that young people will follow. Robert: You know if we go by what they say then nobody should be able to walk down the streets of Detroit without being raped, robbed or murdered. So we have to take that and flip it and show people that there are a lot more good people in the city than there are bad. Don’t let the ones that are doing bad represent us. A city will only improve as much as its citizens want it to. It Takes a a Village Y’all is both a group and a statement, one applied by Robert Robinson every day, here in the heart of Detroit.

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