Scott Yanak (Season 3, Episode 6) » Mitch Albom
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Air date: October 30, 2014

Scott Yanak has been playing tennis his whole life. This decorated athlete turned educator understands the will and drive it takes to play this complex sport. When a new opportunity moved him to Detroit he saw the need to bring his passion for the game to the students of Mumford High. Scott: There was no tennis program to begin with so I was really starting from the ground up. A lot of them had never picked up a racket before. A lot of them have actually never played any sports before. I definitely knew this was going to be a challenging position to take but I was up for the challenge. Yanak coaches two teams. The boys in the Fall. The girls in the Spring. At first students were skeptical about this sport but Yanak sold them. Jannette: Mr. Yanak he is my math teacher my favorite teacher, still is, so I was like why not try it because he is fun so I just thought tennis would be fun. The Mumford Mustangs are now 20 strong. They may have started small but sports is about overcoming odds. Scott hopes his budding tennis stars may one day reach a higher level. Scott: The Williams sisters came out of Compton and Compton is a very similar area as Detroit just because you come from this area doesn’t mean you cannot be as good as them at this sport. And they have proven it. The Lady Mustangs took the Detroit Public School League Division 2 girls’ tennis title last year and the boys are the current EAA Boys Tennis League champions. Honors that Yanak hopes will build enthusiasm. Scott: This is definitely not a sport that this community is exposed to a lot and we are trying to change that and people all across the city other coaches other people are trying to bring tennis back to the city of Detroit and it’s a movement um but it is definitely a fight worth fighting. Proving that serving is indeed part of tennis Scott Yanak and the Mumford Mustangs keep swinging in the heart of Detroit.

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