Steve Adams (Season 1, Episode 5) » Mitch Albom
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Air date: October 20, 2011

Transcript of the episode of The Heart of Detroit featuring Steve Adams: When Hurricane Katrina struck, Detroit’s Steve Adams volunteered to help. He’d never done it before, but since then this construction specialist has raced off to Haiti, Joplin, and other disaster sites Mitch Albom: Have any of your friends from the construction world look at you and say “Hey, your supposed to be out here building things, what are you all of a sudden trying to save the world for?’ Steve: It’s addictive to help people. I think that’s what makes our country great. I think it’s what makes people come alive. Adams now uses equipment and knowledge from his construction life to create things like a solar powered water filtration system. Mitch Albom: So these units harness the sun’s energy, and then help make clean water where there isn’t? Did you ever think when you got out of school, or got into construction, that you’d be finding ways to give pure water to places around the world? Steve: No, we used to build hot rods and race them and the trailers used to haul… Where most of us watch, Steve Adams jumps in — including here in Motown. Steve: There are so many homes that people are walking away from. A lot of people will call us and say “All the furniture – will you come get it?”. Mitch Albom: So you’re able to take furniture from houses that have been sort of abandoned, hang onto it, then help furnish places for people who are moving in or getting started again. Steve: Absolutely. Mitch Albom: Pretty simple idea. Steve: My next step will be doing this all the time. Steve Adams saw trouble and took a leap. And with each new rush to the rescue, he carries with him the heart of Detroit.

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