Terry and Janet Blumberg (Season 1, Episode 16) » Mitch Albom
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Air date: February 16, 2012

Sgt. Trevor Blumberg, the son of Terry and Janet Blumberg, went to fight for his country in Iraq. He never came back. That was more than eight years ago. Mitch Albom: Your son had a couple specific requests if he didn’t come home. What were they? Terry: The first was take care of my dog. And then he said take care of my guys and to be honest with you Mitch, I sat there and said how am I going to fulfill this? And I prayed and I meditated and then I went to her and said here’s the idea. That idea was the build a place of refuge for returning soldiers and their families. Blum’s Landing, a new non-profit, bed and breakfast off a lake near Roger City, Michigan is that magical place. Mitch Albom: What would you hope a service person would come there seeking and what would you hope they would leave with? Terry: Peace Janet: Peace So many parents are left with a void after their soldier children perish. The Blumberg’s turned their grief into helping others. Janet: These are very unique people. These are heroes and they need to be treated like that and that is what we hope that we will be able to do. Blum’s Landing is free to the soldiers and their families who may use it for up to a week at a time. That’s true to the spirit of who Trevor was. Terry: I used to say if he had ten dollars in his pocket he would give you the ten and never ask for it back. Janet: We want to send warm invitations to say come and visit and it’s for real. Mitch Albom: Do you think that is what Trevor meant when he said take care of my guys? Janet: We hope so. Overcoming grief by helping others. Terry and Janet Blumberg are healing The Hearts of Detroit.

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