The Community Chorus of Detroit (Season 1, Episode 25) » Mitch Albom
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Air date: May 3, 2012

Call it “Glee” without the high school. The Community Chorus of Detroit is a diverse group of citizens who sing for free, united by something more precious than money. Mitch Albom: This is a group that anyone who wants to sing can join. Diane: It is not audition, and we were really looking to fill a niche in Detroit. Mitch Albom: What’s the thread that runs through all of your members? Diane: They love music. Diane Linn is a sixth generation Detroiter who created the chorus as part of a lifetime love of singing. With members from city and suburbs — some coming from an hour away — the Community Chorus really is its own community. Mitch Albom: Is part of the thinking that if everyone is singing together they can’t be fighting with one another? Diane: Yeah, music creates harmony among us not just in musical notes but among us as people. Warm ups are very interesting because we are bending and stretching and reaching and back rubs and leaning down on the floor and making very strange sounds. Mitch Albom: It sounds like me getting up in the morning. Diane: LAUGHING Diane: We have a marvelous conductor a very gifted young conductor from the University of Michigan and he has done his magic with us. The group performs at holidays, and is about to do a “History of Detroit” concert. And dedication? Mitch Albom: You rehearse every Sunday? Diane: Yes, all fall and all spring and the off for the summer Mitch Albom: Even when the Lions make the playoffs? Diane: Even then…LAUGHING Mitch Albom: That is a dedicated choral group. Promoting harmony by making harmony, Diane Linn and the Community Chorus create beautiful music in the Heart of Detroit.

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