The DaVinci Fund (Season 2, Episode 4) » Mitch Albom
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Air date: September 26, 2013

D is for Dog. D is for Detroit. And in this story, D is for Davinci — a furry hero that symbolizes our city’s survival. His story begins with a howl. Candilynn: It was the first snowy day that year and what we found was a little dog giving birth. The puppies were discovered behind a dumpster. The largest was this dog, Davinci. Michael and Candilyn Lockhart, former pro wrestling entertainers, nurtured him to health – then found he was nurturing them. Candilynn: I uh was diagnosed with MS and I also have Crones Disease and Endometriosis so I am suffering from three auto immune disorders um which pretty much stopped my wrestling career. I was a little displaced and I didn’t know what we were going to do. Davinci inspired Candilynn’s to use her photographic talents, shooting the photogencic pup to spread the word about abandoned pets in Detroit. She and Mike started the Hugs and Whispers website and formed the Davinci Fund to provide awareness, education and raise money. Michael: Lots of times it not just spay and neutering it is just that they can’t afford it. Mitch: He has always got a “D” on too doesn’t he? Candilynn: He wears a cap a hoodie and we have our little saying “I proudly where the symbol of my city across my heart because no matter where I am it will always be a part of me.” Mitch: Does he actually say that because if you do that you have a whole other show on your hands. In the big picture, DaVinci, through the fund, helps insure other dogs won’t be abandoned as he was. In the smaller picture, saving DaVinci’s life has helped Candilynn and Mike appreciate theirs. Candilynn: my family um my furry family members, I wake up every day proud to have them in my life. D is for destiny — which brought DaVinci, Candilynn and Mike together — and helps inspire us to take better care of our four legged friends here in the heart of D-troit.

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