The Michigan Opera Theater Childrens Chorus (Season 2, Episode 2) » Mitch Albom
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Air date: September 12, 2013

The Michigan Opera Theater Childrens Chorus has long made beautiful music. But in 2013, it tried for an even higher note Amy: this years opera is going to be The Happy Prince and its an allegory based on community service you know could we look at a way of combining the children’s outreach activity with the theme of the opera. The result were performances in unusual places, – hospitals, churches, inner city youth programs. Sixteen year old Emily Crombez helped lead the way. Emily: I have volunteered since I was really little. I love getting out into the community Mitch: Have you found that music sort of breaks down the barriers between people? Emily: Yeah definitely. Um because music is something that everybody can relate to. Even if it is something they have never heard before like opera like the kids at Vista Maria they uh never heard anything like we did but we sang one song to start out and they, they just asked us to sing more. Mitch: And they are used to listening to uh… Emily: They are listening to rap and pop Mitch: Right, not a lot of connection to what you are singing and what you are listening too. Emily: Right. Mitch: Can you sing that for us? Emily: I guess so….(Sings) At its best, music can break down barriers. Emily’s group did that, blending comfortable suburban kids with sick, poor, or economically challenged city peers. They proved in the end we all sing the same song, one that MOTCC is singing proudly here in the heart of Detroit.

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