The Patriot Guard Riders (Season 1, Episode 8) » Mitch Albom
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Air date: November 17, 2011

They come to say godspeed, welcome home, or goodbye. At airports. At cemeteries. The Patriot Guard Riders support our troops from journey’s beginning to journey’s end. Partnr: We didn’t get a welcome home and uh, what we say now is never again. Sam: When they got off the plan they realize there is an American citizen here who is saying, “Thank you for your service.” Sometimes the riders stand at cemeteries, a silent vigil that comforts the family, like one mother Sam recalls. Sam: She said “When I turned the corner down there, and I saw all those American flags, it felt like your wrapped our family in the American flag he defended so valiantly and I knew everything was going to be ok.” That is what she said. Mostly they are there to show love and honor to our soldiers. Sam: The purpose of the Patriot Guard Riders can be spoken in one word and that is respect. You don’t have to have a motorcycle to be a part of us. If patriotism is in your heart and you want to express it in this form, then come on out and join us. Standing for those who stood for us, the Patriot Guard Riders exemplify the heart of Detroit.

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