Troy Engel (Season 3, Episode 14) » Mitch Albom
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Air date: March 26, 2014

That distinct sound…those flashing lights signal that a fire is near. The men and women of our nation’s fire service risk their lives everyday fighting fires. But what happens when the everyday super hero suits up? Mitch: Kids are sometimes afraid of that aren’t they? Troy: They are so we go to the schools and we have our fire fighters uh stand in front of them and we put their turnout gear on one piece at a time so they can see them transform. Mitch: And why is that important? Troy: Because if they ever get uh stuck in a house fire um they’re going to be terrified. And if they are afraid of the fireman they are going to try to hide under their beds or in a closet. A danger that is all too common an occurrence. Troy: You can’t see anything in a real fire. Time is everything in fire service so if you got a kid hiding from you and you have to find them that could be life or death. From “stop drop and roll” to “crawling below the smoke” Troy Engel and the fire fighters from the Clawson Fire Department are teaching the basics of fire safety…even the boy scouts are getting in on the action. Mitch: Any of the kids ever talk about becoming a fire fighter like you? Troy: Yeah some of them do. It’s neat to teach them from then they’re 1st graders you know right up until when they are in high school. Mitch: One day they may be on the truck with you. Troy: Uh you know I have actually uh been doing this long enough that that’s already happened to me. Mitch: Really? Troy: Yeah Mitch: One of the kids that you’re talking to Troy: I’ve got some younger that I taught fire prevention to uh that are now on the department with me. You got to teach them so they will pass it on to the next generation. Fanning the flames of knowledge, Troy Engel is extinguishing the fear of today’s youth here in the heart of Detroit.

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