What Readers Are Saying…

For One More Day

For One More Day is a quick, slick read, full of literary jewels and lines that go down like a sip of water. The mythical, magical world that lives behind Mitch Albom’s eyes, where you can go back and fix what was wrong, where it doesn’t hurt to dole out forgiveness, where a mother walks the earth like an angel paying homage to our one true treasure — our families — is a place I wish I lived. If you had the chance, just one chance, to go back and fix what you did wrong in life, would you take it? And if you did, would you be big enough to stand it? Mitch Albom, in this new book, once again demonstrates why he is one of my favorite writers: a fearless explorer of the wishful and magical, he is also a devout believer in the power of love. For One More Day will make you smile. It will make you wistful. It will make you blink back tears of nostalgia. But most of all, it will make you believe in the eternal power of a mother’s love.”
— James McBride, author of The Color of Water

“Think of Mitch Albom as the Babe Ruth of popular literature, hitting the ball out of the park every time he’s at bat.”
– Andrea Sachs, TIME

“Mitch Albom sees the magical in the ordinary.”
– Cecilia Ahern, author of P.S. I Love You

“It will resonate with anyone who has suffered a bereavement only to realize how much about the life of a loved one was unknown and how many secrets went unshared”
Sunday Express (UK)

“Mitch Albom once again demonstrates why he is fast becoming one of the countries favourite writers…What follows will make you smile and blink back the tears but most of all will make you believe in the eternal power of a mother’s love.”
The Hunts Post (UK)

“Mitch Albom returns with a new novel in which death is a tender presence. The hero, after a missed attempted suicide, falls upon his mother who died eight years before. It is an encounter full of love and warmth that eases his torment and erase some regrets. ‘You need to keep people close,’ Albom writes, ‘You need to give them access to your heart.’ Hurry to For One More Day: it is a tender memorial that escapes sentimentality. It is rare.”
Metro (France)

“What I like in his books is that the characters are working-class heroes and everyday people”
— Guillaume Musso, Paris Match (France)

“Eine Geschichte wie eine Umarmung: Der Leser bekommt eine Geschichte vom Leben erzählt. So könnte man Mitch Alboms Bücher beschreiben. Alle drei. Was anderes macht Albom nicht, aber kein anderer macht es so wie er…Er umarmt und liebt die Menschen, indem er ihnen Bücher wie dieses schenkt.”
—Bild am Sonntag (Germany)
[Translation: “A story like an embrace: The reader is told a story about life itself. This is how Mitch Albom’s books can best be described. All three of them. This is what Mitch Albom does, and he does it like no other….He embraces and loves people by giving them books like this one.“]

“Heart-rending but deeply impressed love and life message. This is the best gift to moist one’s parched heart.”
— Noboru Saito (Prof. at Rissho University), Hokkaido (Japan)

“Impressive book that asks us the meaning of life, family and love.”
GRAN magazine (Japan)

“A dedication for all the mothers in the world as well as the consolation for all their sons and daughters”
The DongA Daily Newspaper (Korea)

The Yonhap News (Korea)

Öğretmenim Mori’yle Salı Buluşmaları, Cennette Karşılaşacağınız Beş Kişi kitaplarının yazarı Mitch Albom, yeni romanında anne sevgisinin ebedi gücüne sizi bir kez daha inandırıyor.”
Sabah (Turkey)
[Translation: “Mitch Albom makes you believe in the eternal power of ‘love for your mother.’” ]