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An instant New York Times bestseller

“A captivating allegory about evil, lies, and forgiveness.”
Kirkus Reviews, starred

Beloved bestselling author Mitch Albom returns with a powerful novel of hope and forgiveness that moves from a coastal Greek city during WWII to America in the golden age of Hollywood, as the intertwined lives of three young survivors are forever changed by the perils of deception and the grace of redemption.

Eleven-year-old Nico Krispis has never told a lie. His schoolmate, Fannie, loves him because of it. Nico’s older brother Sebastian resents him for both these facts. When their young lives are torn apart during the war, it will take them decades to find each other again. 

Nico’s innocence and goodness is used against his tightly knit community when a German officer barters Nico’s reputation for honesty into a promise to save his loved ones. When Nico realizes the consequences of the betrayal, he can never tell the truth again. He will spend the rest of this life changing names, changing locations and identities, desperate to find a way to forgiveness—for himself and from the people he loves most.

Albom’s extraordinary storytelling is at its powerful best in his first novel to confront the destruction that lying can wreak both on the world stage as well as on the individual lives that get caught up in it. As The Stranger in the Lifeboat spoke to belief, The Little Liar speaks to hope, in a breathless page-turner that will break your heart open and fill it with the power of the human spirit and the goodness that lies within us all.

Narrated by the voice of Truth itself, The Little Liar is a timeless story about the power of love to ultimately redeem us, no matter how deeply we blame ourselves for our mistakes. 

“Albom imparts his signature spellbinding touch to historical fiction…Moving beyond the horrors of war, seemingly insignificant events have far-reaching consequences, leading to a stunning finale for these unforgettable characters. Truth be told, this is Albom at his enthralling best”
— Booklist, starred review

“[S]harpens with each turn of the page…it will stay with you. Inspired by what really happened to 50,000 Jewish people living in Greece during the Holocaust, Albom has created art that can be added to the long list of movies, music, theater and books that are humanity’s best hope to deliver on the words inscribed on memorials around the world: ‘Never Forget.’”

— AP

“If you were to only read one book this year, then I recommend it to be Mitch Albom’s latest.”

— The Suburban

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