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5 People The Freshman got to meet

Class: Reading I Grade: High School Subject: English Language Arts School/Institution: Snyder High School Snyder, TX Mr. Albom, I am a first-year teacher. I decided to pursue a teaching career at the age of 40. I was given 3 classrooms of freshmen who struggle with...

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St. Nicholas Embraces “St. Eddie”

Class: Mr. Sedelmeier's 7th Grade Grade: Middle School Subject: Language Arts School/Institution: St. Nicholas Academy Louisville, KY Seventh graders in my Language Arts class spent a few weeks this fall reading The Five People You Meet in Heaven. They did group...

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Tuesdays With Lori

Class: Senior English Grade: High School Subject: English School/Institution: Anderson County High School Clinton Tennessee Dear Mr. Albom, I have been teaching Tuesdays with Morrie for 19 years to my high school English classes or should I say Tuesdays with Morrie...

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Dear Treasured Educators:

I want to thank you for all you do for our young students. As you may know, I was lucky enough to share a special relationship with a wonderful teacher, Morrie Schwartz, and it literally changed my life. Thanks to educators like you, future generations will have their lives shaped and changed. And I am honored that in doing so, some of you are sharing the lessons of my old professor as well.

As I’ve travelled across the country, I’ve been delighted to learn of the many high schools, junior high schools, religious schools and universities that are using my books as teaching tools. I’m incredibly flattered and humbled by this and I encourage you to write about your experiences with my books in the classroom by submitting a classroom story to the Teacher’s Corner section. I love receiving mail from classes like yours, and knowing that my old teacher is still, in his way, teaching; this website section is just a small way I can share these wonderful stories with the world.

Warm regards,
Mitch Albom

Mitch Visits Sayre High School

May 3, 2013

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