Sermon Guide

Have a Little Faith

Rev. Floyd Flake’s sermon & discussion guide

The Personal of Faith

  • At what age did you first remember having a faith experience?
  • How have you developed your faith?
  • Have you ever felt estranged from your faith?
  • How do you handle questions about your faith?
  • Is your faith community able to speak to your personal doubts or fears about your faith?
  • Where else or who else might you go to other than a pastor/rabbi/imam for questions about faith?
  • How does your “walk” with God today reflect your experiences from your youth?

The Community of Faith

  • How does faith guide your work with other people?
  • What about your personal faith experience informs your work in the community where you live or work?
  • Despite the fact that we live in the most pluralistic country in human history, how much do you really know about other faiths?
  • In what ways are your faith experiences similar to those of other faiths and denominations? How do you share the substance of your faith beyond the borders of your church/synagogue/mosque?
  • Does your community of faith engage other faith communities in meaningful ways? Such as? Is there a rabbi, imam, or a minister from another faith who you encounter in real life or the media who enriches your understanding of your faith? Your understanding of their faith?
  • How do you reach out to those who have allowed their faith to lay dormant and are seeking to reconnect with their faith?
  • Is your house of worship racially or culturally homogeneous?

The Works of Faith

  • Are there meaningful ways that people who are “seekers” or seeking to reclaim their faith can engage in the process of discovery or rediscovery?
  • Are you part of an inviting faith community? If so, how do others enter that community?
Rev. Dr. Floyd Flake

Rev. Dr. Floyd Flake

Former U.S. Congressman, the Reverend Dr. Floyd H. Flake is the senior pastor of the more than 23,000 member Greater Allen A. M. E. Cathedral of New York in Jamaica. Learn more