What Readers Are Saying…

Have a Little Faith

“It is… the most important thing I’ve ever written,” opens Albom’s (Tuesdays with Morrie) latest nonfiction book. It isn’t difficult to understand why. Using his characteristically succinct style, Albom’s prose offers readers an elegantly simple perspective on faith, tolerance, service and love while maintaining the complex reality of his characters’ true life stories. The book follows the spiritual journeys of three men—a suburban rabbi, an inner-city pastor and the author himself—which Albom gradually assembles over the eight years he spends getting to know a man—the rabbi—whose eulogy he will one day deliver; over the course of this developing relationship, Albom also meets an inner-city pastor, another relationship that grows in importance for Albom. Weaving these narratives together could, with a less talented writer, muddle into incoherence. Albom’s expertise in piecing together a web of snapshot stories, however, reveals levels of meaning that could not be adequately told in any other way. He avoids repetitious overemphasis—the bane of much inspirational literature—and allows meaning, whether his own or the reader’s, to emerge with a quiet, confident grace. Albom’s latest is a masterpiece of hope and a moving testament of interfaith understanding.”
Publishers Weekly

“Everybody should read it”
Hoda Kotb, People, Top Ten Books of 2009

“Best nonfiction book of 2009”

“Albom offers another inspirational and heartwarming story about the strength of friendship and power of faith.”

“Albom writes, as he always does, with a loving hand, revealing great  intimacies that touch the heart.”

“A compassionate read that allows us all to take a deeper look at our lives. In chronicling a congregation with a hole in its roof, Mitch Albom helps show the true definition of ‘Church.’ It is not the building, it is the people and their faith.”
Bishop T.D. Jakes, chief pastor, The Potter’s House

“Once again, Mitch Albom has given us a heart-warming true story, about the power of love to triumph over death, and the power of faith to guide us through the worst adversity.”
Rabbi Harold Kushner, author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People

“A timeless story when America needs it most – about faith, hope, and the meaning of serving others, and the yearning to be involved in something greater than ourselves. A beautifully conveyed book.”
Senator Bob Dole, author of One Soldier’s Story: A Memoir

“Mitch Albom tells the story of two incredible men whose lives demonstrate what faith is all about. They impacted his life, and now – without ever having met them – they have impacted mine as well.”
Tony Dungy, former NFL coach, author of Quiet Strength

“The story of a faith journey that could become a classic. Those who were born into faith, have lost faith, or are still searching will all be engaged and challenged by this powerful story of “finding faith” in relationships with others and with something greater than ourselves. Never satisfied with easy answers or soft platitudes, Mitch explores some of life’s greatest mysteries and unanswered questions with great honesty, depth and self reflection. ”
Jim Wallis, CEO and Founder of Sojourners and author of The Great Awakening

“Mitch Albom writes from the heart and therein lies his appeal. Like his successful memoir Tuesdays with Morrie published 11 years ago. Have a Little Faith is inspired by truth. It is a heart-tugging tale about a rabbi and a criminal-turn-pastor and the mysteries of God and the power of love to guide us beyond darkness. adversity and death.”
Moorabbin Leader (Australia)

“…the fascinating tale of two men of faith who met God at the end of their life…Mitch Albom’s look…can touch the most sensitive chords of the whole humanity…”
Mucchio Selvaggio (Italy)