Welcome, world.

Welcome to my office, my books, my community, my archives, my plans, my music, my stories, my life. You are viewing a website that represents much development – and a dream of mine to finally use the power of the Internet to reach my readers around the world and give a smidge back to them for all they have given me.

On this site, you’ll find an archive of virtually everything I’ve ever written, a vault’s worth of info about my books, a guide to my movies and plays, my sports world, my ESPN and TV world, my  radio world, my future projects, and perhaps most importantly, a community of people who may be like you.

I have been blessed with a creative and satisfying work life, and as I travel around in that life, I am constantly asked questions that I wish I could answer in full. This website has been designed with those questions in mind. For example:

Where do you get your ideas for your books? On our site, there are now detailed explanations behind my stories, their inspirations, photos – even music that was connected to them.

How can I find a column you wrote ten years ago? For the first time ever, and the only place anywhere, our site contains a full archive of my journalism over the last 25 years, including a powerful search engine to help you find what you’re looking for.

How can I show a friend your parting shot on ESPN? Again for the first time, we have collected an archive of ESPN moments and other TV appearances.  You’ll find them in the Journalism & Sports section and the video archive.

I was moved by Tuesdays With Morrie, and have thoughts and questions I’d like to share; how could I do that? We have finally created a community for people who want to discuss or explore the issues raised in my work. It is my sincere hope some of the wonderful people I’ve met around the world can join each other and make connections this way.

Do you do reading groups?  I love reading groups. I wish I could visit every one that asked me. Short of that, I’d like to nurture the conversations about my books with our Reading Group section where you can register your group and browse through others. And because I have been so blessed by teachers in my life, we’ve created an area called Teachers Corner for educators to post their ideas and stories, and for students to compare notes.

How can I find one of your movies or plays or TV programs? Each now has its own area on the site, with video clips and photo galleries.

I hear you do a radio show – how can I get it? We now have a full radio page with connections for live streaming as well as archives full of our best interviews and highlight moments.

How can I get involved in your charities – or charities around me? Charity work is a priority for me, and you can find the latest information about those efforts at saydetroit.org and havefaithhaiti.org.

I read your books in a foreign language. Can you help me? You can access excerpts of my books in several languages at each book’s page. We’ve also compiled a list of retailers across the globe.

Well, this letter is growing as large as the website itself, so I’ll end it here. Just let me say again how lucky I am to have interested readers and listeners like yourself, and how happy I am to finally be able to thank them, in a small way, through the power of the web.

Now…get clicking!

Your friend,