Small reading group of book, food and drink lovers meeting once a month. Variety of book genres. Invited chefs cooking with local produce. Caernarfon, Gwynedd, United Kingdom.

We are a bilingual group based in Caernarfon, home to the highest number of first language Welsh speakers in Wales.

We have read books written by authors from all over the world. If they are translated into Welsh or English we will read them.

Books are suggested by group members. We try and have at least two books written by Welsh authors per year. Some of the most popular ones are Eisteddfod (Welsh literary and music festival) winners.

The menus for the evening are based on food in the books or an interpretation. We have been guilty in the past of choosing a country first for the cuisine and then the book!

Since our resident chef has now returned to The Netherlands we now invite a different chef every month. It’s an excellent opportunity for small producers to highlight their products and offers opportunity for young talented chefs shine.

When was your group formed?: 2007
Where do you meet?: Other
How does your group choose which books to read?: Other
Do you use reading group guides?: Yes

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