Episode 118 – The 5 Apology Languages with Dr. Jen Thomas

Feb 1, 2022 | Tuesday People

Hosts & Guests

Mitch Albom

Lisa Goich

Dr. Jen Thomas – The Apology Expert

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About This Episode

Even in the best of relationships, we mess up. We say and do things we deeply regret later on. So we need to make things right. But just saying you’re sorry isn’t enough. That’s only the first step on the road to restoration. On today’s episode of the Tuesday People Podcast, author and psychologist, Dr. Jen Thomas joins Mitch Albom to discuss her book, “The 5 Languages of Apology: The Secret to Healthy Relationships.” Listen to discover how meaningful apologies can make your friendships, family, and marriage stronger than ever before. For more information on Dr. Jen Thomas and “The 5 Languages of Apology: The Secret to Healthy Relationships,” visit her website at www.drjenniferthomas.com.