Episode 18 – What Makes a Perfect Day?

Feb 25, 2020

Hosts & Guests

Mitch Albom

Lisa Goich

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Tuesdays with Morrie: The Thirteenth Tuesday, We Talk About the Perfect Day

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About This Episode

If you knew the next day would be your last, how would you spend it? What would make it perfect? Would you jet off to a tropical island? Try some adventure you never tried before? Or, like Morrie, would you choose to surround yourself with family and friends, eating, loving, and sharing stories just like any other normal day? Tune in to today’s episode of Tuesday People as Mitch Albom discusses the elements of a perfect day, and how what we would choose reflects how we are living our lives. And if you haven’t joined the Tuesday People community already, this is the perfect time to do so – by sharing your perfect day with us at www.wetuesdaypeople.com. We might share it on a future show!